Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The mind doesn't have the capacity to understand the ways of the universe.  Expanding energetically, that's the preparation for a life outside illusion.

The universe is waiting for you to run out of your resources so that the universe can take over and show you a different way.  As long as your own resources are intact you will reach for the same things. People plan their lives based on their illusions.

The past few days I had to let go of more things which brought out anger and many other emotions.  I was thinking about the caterpillar inside the cocoon, the messy transformation where nothing of it's former self is left and emerges as the beautiful butterfly. 

The caterpillar submits to the process knowing that everything is in perfect order. Nature shows us how to evolve.  I too have to submit to this horrific process.  I am becoming unrecognizable to myself over and over again.  It's a gradual but potent process.

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