Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Inner Voice

Only your inner voice can guide you.  If you ask someone for advice you will get their experiences, not yours, they won’t understand you.  

No one agreed with me, I had to find my own way.  I was judged harshly and ridiculed.  Now I know I have done the right thing.  I am coming out of a very long down-spiral.

You are unique, an original, not a copy.  You cannot follow anybody.

The mind is filled with voices that belong to others.  Your inner voice does not come from the mind.  The voice in your head is not who you are. 

I am emptiness, nothingness.  That is my starting point.  I don’t have any agenda.  I always let go of everything.  I am learning to relax into myself, my source.

The outside world wants my attention.  The inner world has to be taken care of first before the outside world rearranges itself effortlessly.  When the inner is taken care of the reflection of the outer changes.

My inner voice is a guidance system that is far removed from the patriarchy, thus the constant feeling of dangling over a cliff until that cliff becomes my friend, then that cliff is the launching pad into new territory.

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