Friday, August 24, 2012

Cutting the Cords

You can’t see life as it really is through all your conditioning.  We are to live intensely, abundantly, overflowing; instead we are crippled.  You have to cut all the cords or you will keep puppeteering for others.  You are their court jester. 

My dad’s birthday, I have not sent a card nor am I wishing him happy birthday.  In my world none of that exists.  I want to be left alone from obligations.

I can never again do what somebody expects of me, I frankly don’t have the energy to support their schizophrenia.  Its too exhausting carrying their illusions.  Lately I have been very tired because I am going through massive changes.

I become violently ill when someone dumps their problems on me.  I need stillness.  I can no longer function in the brutal world of illusion.  Pulling away used to frighten me, but now I know that I am protected and I don’t have to worry.  The universe keeps rearranging itself to take care of my needs.

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