Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Infinite Space

I landed in an infinite new space.  I don't know anything about this space at all.  There are no footprints, no one has walked here before.  It won't be a repeat of what has been.  No ones opinions count here.  It's all my territory to explore, no loitering from someone else.  I am the Christopher Columbus of the New Energy.

Everything is fundamentally neutral, there is no judgment nor meaning, and from that place I shall create.

Everybody has their own world, their own canvas.  We are always shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times each second.  There are times when our illusions overlap by agreement.   My response to the outside world has changed.  I don't have to participate in others illusions. 

In the old energy we depended on the tribe to survive.  I have left the tribe with much trepidation and terror, believing that I was going to die.  I am still here. 

My vibration is being raised so that I will match the vibration of the new, to that which comes natural to my source.  This is the part of the journey that is not so enjoyable.  I am extremely tired and my body feels like lead.  This too shall pass.

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