Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Speed of the Universe

By doing nothing I align myself with the speed of the universe because the universe doesn’t have to undo my doing nor has to wait for my doing to be done.

Relax into your body, drop your shoulders, breathe.  My sweet inner voice is telling me to wait.

Non-moving, spacious nothingness.

I am feeling nothingness, everything disappears and I have no idea what will emerge.  I stay with the realization that everything has to let go of before something shows up that is neither tainted nor a repeat of what was.

I read an article that we can no longer afford standing still.  We have never stood still.  This is the time of standing still because movement is an illusion.  The mind needs action, purpose and excitement.  We will evolve when we stand still, that is the paradox.

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