Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Restrictions Apply

Humans put many restrictions on themselves.  What they will and will not do; what they will and will not eat; what they will and will not say.  They are governed by their believes.

While people eat they talk about why they shouldn’t be eating what they are eating. How can you not do what you are doing?  That’s a trick no one has ever been able to pull off. You should always do what you do until you don’t.  Do what you do and be present with it.

Society would like to restrict my life.  I am supposed to earn a living.  Living happens in the present moment.  I can only be in the present when I am not ambitious.

A pure existence without boundaries brings the most daring transformations.  Only your source can take you to all your potentials.  The source is still and unmoving and as the paradox has it, will propel you.  Your core is the most powerful source there is, but untapped.  It’s just sitting there until you get started.  Dare to be still.  You’ll lose everything that isn’t you.

Process the energies of whatever shows up, don’t go into your head trying to figure it out.  The mind doesn’t know what the universe wants.  Processing the energies is all that’s needed and the new vibes will attract new things.

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