Sunday, August 12, 2012

Parallel Universes

Things are really weird.  I don't know where I landed this time.  I live with other people but they are hardly around, even the neighbors seem to disappear.  I haven't seen our new roommate since he moved in last Tuesday.  It feels like getting administered electrical shocks when I get around people other than my son.  I have time alone to . . . who knows what.   Lots of things are happening without me knowing what it is.

It was Friday when I noticed it.  I hadn't gone anywhere in 2 weeks, I had the truck and could do anything I wanted.  So I went for it and I found out that I can no longer live the 3D live, it's too exhausting.  The universe then rearranged itself around that, or in other words, I landed in a parallel universe so that I won't have to deal with that dense 3D energy as much.

In each moment we switch billions of times between parallel universes.  You know when you are in a parallel universe when things go missing, keys get lost and than later turn up in an unexpected place; when people have different memories of the same event; when you run into yourself; when memories of the past are different to now match the new universe; when your body temperature changes; when people behave differently; when everything feels different yet looks the same.  There are many more telltale signs as people become more aware of shifting.

I know I am straddling universes when I am excessively tired and I can barely put one foot in front of the other or when I look at two universes at the same time.  

When someone has a need, shamans go to parallel universes where the need is fulfilled and bring it back here.

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