Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My personality went through another death experience.

People resuscitate their personalities on a daily basis when they are supposed to be left for dead.   Their personalities are always on life support of mental chatter and activities that keep them busy so that they don't notice anything about themselves, so that they can keep pointing the finger, so that they can keep solving problems that exist in their minds only, so that they won't notice the pain that lives within them, so that they can have a shallow existence. 

You can't outrun it.   It's there every moment.   The next moment won't start until you have died.   You don't get to take anything with you.   The grim reaper is always waiting.  You won't have a life until you die. 

People who haven't experienced death often are full of themselves.  They are blinded by their egos to help humanity, make a difference.  People hide behind charities and good deeds.   Cut that crap.   You aren't helping by helping. Your involvement only keeps the problem alive.

I can't live a lie.  I can't participate in niceties anymore.  It's robbing me of my energy.

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