Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Power of You

The World of Illusion

Not knowing where I am going, to my mind this seems like a bad joke.  But the mind operates on illusion only.  The universe does not support illusion and dysfunction.  Living outside this moment in a projected future or remembered past is dysfunctional.

I am this moment.  I cannot stand up and sit down at the same time.  I cannot be here and there at the same time.  I fully inhabit this moment.  If I know where I am going then I dilute this moment, then I dilute my own power.

I am here, nothing else exists.

My purpose is to be this moment and bring spaciousness into all my actions, to live by the 99.99/0.01 ratio - 99.99% space and 0.01% matter.  That's the atomic life.  That ratio is the right fuel to keep everything at the level of energy rather than matter, because everything is energy.

To leave illusion causes major disturbances.  It sends shock waves through the cosmos.  And don't think the world will support you in leaving illusion.  They will consider you mad.

The mind rejects reality and keeps me from feeling the aliveness in everything.  Reality doesn't make sense to the mind, so the mind constructs its own distorted and dysfunctional perceptions.  The mind is the insane asylum inside you.

It can never not be now.  In this moment I am not ready for 2 moments down the road.  I am only ready for Now.

I am the Now.  I am this moment.  I AM.

I want to puke.  I don't think I have the nerve for this kind of life.

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