Thursday, May 17, 2012

Endings run deep - Part II

I am either a fool or quite advanced because both look the same.   Am I taking this too far by waiting for what shows up naturally? 

My mind cannot comprehend this at all.  This is not how people are supposed to behave.  You are supposed to be responsible. 

When under fire do you listen to the universe or do you listen to your mind to bail you out?

In the world of illusion that which appears sane is insane and that which appears insane is sane.

My mind is retrieving everything it knows about having to leave without a place to go to, and it's all horrible. My mind is taking me places I don't want to go.  Horrible places.  As the day progresses it keeps getting worse.  I want this to stop.  My mind is painting a horrible picture.  I am being taken deeper and deeper into the hell of what is to become of me.  It's a cruel journey.  Eckhart Tolle never writes about that. 

I can't do this.  I have gone through this so many times but this time I can't handle the fear of not knowing where I am going.

And than suddenly after working through these fears stillness returns and I am at peace.  The present moment became my home again where I am safe and taken care of.

Then my daughter arrives and it is as being plugged into a high voltage tower.  This was the best visit ever.  We talked about things that arose out of stillness.  It was invigorating.

People have headaches because their minds carry everything.  They are always trying to figure out what to do and how to organize it all.

If people could just leave children alone children would develop to exist.  Almost everyone is a product of a system that makes you disappear.

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