Sunday, May 6, 2012

The tremendous power of space

My personality went through another death experience and I was shown in an instant that this is necessary, that the domesticated personality is not who I am and in order to have a life my personality, the illusionary idea of myself, has got to go.

So I went down to the pit of death again.  I am ok with it.  I have no choice.  No illusion will ever run my life again. 

When I came out of it I noticed that I had more space available and that there was tremendous power in that space.  I experienced the power of stillness, there is nothing stronger than that.  Everything is born out of stillness, out of nothingness.

If you are looking for a solution than you perceive that there is a problem.  Discussing problems strengthens them.   Create the space where problems can't exist.  Space has the highest vibration.

There is a reason an atom is 99.99% space and only .01% matter.  Were it the other way around we would be right no target.  We would accomplish everything by doing more.

Do nothing and accomplish everything.

When you exist in this space you never create any problems.  It is the space of bliss.

Everything that keeps me from living in that space is being brought up to be transmuted.  My buttons are being pushed over the limit so that my system can be reorganized at a higher level.  I am beyond rage and fury at times.  But this is what it takes to bring up everything that isn't me and let it go.

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