Sunday, May 20, 2012

Total Transformation

Transformation by Victor Bregada
The flowers are really butterflies

I don’t recognize myself at all.  I have been going through a tremendous transformation, the metamorphosis of the butterfly.   I am hurting terribly.

The life between the caterpillar and the butterfly are drastically different.  The caterpillar moves slowly upon the earth, is fat and heavy.  The butterfly is light, flying with a body that has little resemblance to the caterpillar. The DNA of the caterpillar and the butterfly are totally different. The agony of that transformation alone and to survive it without knowing where it’s going, where nothing of you is left, but a brand-new creature emerges, physically, emotionally, on every level possible.  You die and you come back as something else. 

Had I become the butterfly sooner I would have left this environment a long time ago.  My new life will be drastically different, unrecognizable from what it is now.   
Every day is filled with preparation so that I can step out of this place into my new world.  I still don't know where I am going.

My home as I know it is crumbling away from under my feet.  The present moment is becoming my home.

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