Friday, April 27, 2012


There is only inward movement.   The patriarchal mind teaches us to move outward, forward, reach for something outside ourselves and abandon ourselves.  

Whatever shows up should not cause us to abandon ourselves but move us inward towards ourselves. 

We were forced to abandon ourselves at an early age, to not trust our instincts but belief whatever the mind concocts. 

You move outward because your personality wants to stay in control, which is an illusion.   

I am learning to trust my body without the involvement of my mind.  The body knows everything there is to know.   I don't use my mind to prepare for anything.  

The fight and flight era is over.   We can now go home into our bodies where it's safe.   When there is danger our bodies alert us, but the mind always talks us out of it.  

I have heard of women who were kidnapped, each one was given warning signs but they didn't listen.   One woman was approached by a stranger in the parking lot wanting to know the time.  Her body told her to run.   She didn't run but let her mind talk her out of it: 'Oh, he just wants to know the time.'   She second guessed herself and was kidnapped.  

The body is always right, the mind often overrides it.

Kids have incredible instincts but their parents will rob them of it.

Without the mind life is easy. 

Any action should come from the body and not from the mind.  Actions coming from the mind require effort and limit your breathing.  Actions coming from the body are effortless and will not compromise your breathing. 

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