Monday, January 2, 2012

He ain't heavy

Most people live in the world of illusion and they expect me to support their illusion by helping them.

You aren't helping them by helping them.

"But he is my brother, he ain't heavy".  Put him down.  We aren't meant to carry somebody else's package, we aren't even meant to carry our own package.  We are light, we carry nothing.

My daughter is telling me that last semester was harder.  The universe is asking her to drop some baggage, that's why things appear more difficult.  When it gets tougher its time to let go of something.  But you can't drop it, it has to drop you. If you drop it you will pick it up later.  The only work on your part is observation, notice it, feel it.  The universe does the rest.

For 8 years of being around my friend she still hasn't noticed that I am not like her, that I have left the Matrix.  She is moving away and wants me to help her pack, not only that, her teenage daughter goes to the University a few miles from here and she wants me to take care of her daughter as well.  First of all, nobody provides for their children, the universe does that.

In the world of illusion as her friend I am obligated to help her, but I can't, my body won't allow it.  I am being asked to carry less and less illusion.

Definition for 'friend': A person you use and abuse to keep your illusion alive; someone you ask for help to carry your illusion; someone who agrees with your illusion; someone who has the same illusion as you do.

Reality is kind, illusion is brutal.

Illusion requires maintenance.

Illusion is exhausting.

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