Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The eyes are the windows to the soul

.... and the mind is the trapdoor into hell.

In the present moment it's impossible to be upset because in the present moment everything is jaw dropping super perfect.

The mind doesn't see this perfection and finds problems with everything.

When I leave the present moment I am always upset.  Nothing is right and I want to fix it.  I ask others to help me fix it or I will prepare to avoid potential future problems, thus having all conversations revolve around fixing problems that exist in the mind only.  In the world of illusion this is called being responsible.  I no longer do this.  I am irresponsible.  I respond by not responding.

When you no longer connect at the level of problems your kids can breathe, they don't have to live in your insane world anymore and you can have a fun relationship with them.

Don't have an agenda.  Bring stillness into each moment and see what happens.

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