Monday, January 9, 2012

I am light, I carry nothing

Solving problems the patriarchal way only makes a bigger mess. Everything is energy. Trying to solve anything turns it into matter and makes it permanent.

Whenever I perceive a problem I ask the universe what I should do about it, I always get the same answer: Do nothing, just feel the energy of it, be with the energy of the problem.  This way it never turns into matter, its being resolved without it ever showing up in my reality.

The world of illusion is a place of matter where everything matters. Breath resolves matter.  Breathe through it to breeze through it.  Any heaviness gets resolved by breathing through it.

When you don't act on a problem but breathe through it you will shake in your boots because all that heavy energy is being dislodged from your body and you become lighter.

There is nothing that needs to be solved. The mind finds problems where there aren't any. The mind creates matter, breath creates flow.

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