Friday, January 6, 2012

The brutal beast

I am your mind.  I am here to beat you up.

Life is full of paradoxes. When I have little money I live on it effortlessly and have money left over. When I have more money it flies out the window and I have nothing to show for it.

My friend spends money and beats herself up over it. Her husband is trying to get her to spend less. There is lots of tension around money between them. You cannot not do what you are doing. You can only do what you do and never do what you don't do. She has to spend money until she doesn't.

My friend's mind is telling her that she should stop spending money. Her husband's mind agrees with her mind and now they have an argument going. This is what happens when the mind is involved. Your mind thinks that you can change 'what is.' You can't change anything . If people would understand this they would stop nagging each other and be ok with what the other is doing.

With the mind's commentary you will spend money and hate yourself for it. Without the mind's commentary you will spend money and feel gratitude.

Your mind will brutally beat you up and tell you that you are weak and a failure because you want to change something that you can't. Observing it will change it, but you have no control over what it changes into. Maybe you will end up spend even more money. You don't know.

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