Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Professional Cliff Dangler

The universe will have you live outside your comfort zone where you perceive the abyss in front of you that isn't there, it only appears that way.  So you try to find patriarchal solutions to keep you away from that cliff because you are certainly not going to wait for what shows up naturally.  You aren't going to become a professional cliff dangler, it's too scary to wait for what the universe has in store for you at the last second right before you think you are going over that cliff.   You stay far away from the abyss as the passive onlooker of life.  But how can you launch successfully unless you stand right there straddling that edge. 

In this moment I don't know anything about the next moment at all.

The homeopathic life.  Like cures like.  Nobody likes to be given their own remedy, you may not survive it, but that's what it takes to cure your own shit.  Nobody is getting away with anything.  What you put out always comes back to you.

If you want to avoid feeling anything at all you are going to have to numb yourself so intensively that you appear dead to the people around you. You are going to have to embalm yourself with medication, food, talking, doing. You cannot outrun stillness anymore.

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