Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shake, rattle and roll

The present moment doesn't require logic, it requires not knowing anything about anything.  The present moment is preceded by death to everything that ever was. The present moment can't be figured out, only experienced.  You can't prepare for anything.

People come up with manipulative slogans like 'The law of attraction'.  It's a mental concept that gives people the illusion of control.  You can't manipulate the universe. The ones who profit from it are the ones who sell the books to gullible people.  If things could be figured out we would already have done so.

The mind wants it's drug and the drug is called repetition. The patriarchal mind has turned us into human robots, predictable and seldom changeable.

The matrix is a trap. It has people living in the illusion that they have control over their lives, but they don't.  I can't change anything, I can only be present to what shows up., and this presence is what gives me life.

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