Friday, May 6, 2011

Reading our bodies

Body painting

The body can be anywhere, but you are not in it, you are nowhere to be found, you are going through your patterned motions.  Your body is in one place and your mind is somewhere else.  You are hiding.

To come out of hiding you have to feel safe.  Wake up where you are. When people don't wake up boredom sets in, so they change the location, move somewhere else, go on vacation.

To be where your body is you have to increase your sample rate, you need to go deeper into your nervous system.  

You learn to ride a bike when you are not riding it after you have been exposed to it, your nervous system adjusts to the motions when there is no chance of falling.

Right now my nervous system is adjusting massively.  I am being exposed to new territory and than I go back to my familiar place to incorporate it.  In other words I am getting bigger, my sample rate is increasing.  

If the sample rate is too big you get overwhelmed, if its too small you get bored.   Recently I have been overwhelmed often.  I suspect this is to get me ready for my next place so that I won't check out when I get there.  The reason why I don't know whats next is because it will blow my gaskets in my present state.  Every day my nervous system is being prepared a lot more, many emotions are coming up.

We are descending into our bodies.  We are becoming aware of everything that is going on with us.   Our bodies hold the answers and we are learning to read our bodies.

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