Monday, May 9, 2011

Infinite Posssibilities

In the new energy things work differently, we are becoming flexible.  Things get decided at the moment and not the moment before.  The biggest mistake is assuming things.  In each moment the universe renews itself zillions of times and we put our lives together as close as possible to the moment before.

We have infinite possibilities available and we reduce them by setting up routines so that we have the illusion of control in our lives.   We limit our possibilities by blaming the government, lack of money, circumstances, people.   You are the ones limiting your possibilities, it's never them.

What possibilities are available to me today that I don't see because my patterns have me reaching for the same things, because I don't wait for what shows up naturally.  As long as you belief that your possibilities can be limited you are tied into the system of illusion.

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