Sunday, May 8, 2011

The new body language

Shut up

The mind is addicted to meddling.  It can't leave the moment alone, it can't accept things the way they are, pure, effortless energy.

You have already planned what you are going to do today, tomorrow, next week, and when it doesn't go as planned you have a story about it.   You are always making up stories about your life so that you don't notice that you have no control over anything. 

Relax your body and breathe.  Let the body decide whats next.  Never let the mind tell the body what to do.  Decisions are made somewhere else and our bodies execute them.  Our minds don't have any input, they just think they do.  Breathe into each moment.  You will end up doing less and accomplish more.  The body knows where to go and what to do.  Listening to the body is scary if you are not used to it.

Your life takes painstaking effort.  The simplest decisions keep you stuck in your head and you beat yourself up over them:  'I should have done that differently.   I should have bought something else.  I should have done something else.  I should have been better prepared.'  Regrets keep you missing everything.  Life happens at lightning speed when left alone by the mind.  Your body will reach for things without you having to think about it.  Your body will take you places without you making arrangements.  Breathe into each moment and see what shows up.   What you can't let go off will trip you up.  

Control is an illusion.  Once you realize you have no control over anything life becomes easy.

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