Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving forward

That anything is moving is only an illusion.  When it appears that you are moving forward its your minds interpretation that there is an outside.  There is only inside. 

We never move forward, we only move inward.

Ripples don't move outward, they move up and down.  It only appears that they are moving outward.

Nothing is as it appears.

Life is standing still and you don't want to stand still because than you have to feel hell and discomfort, than you have to start noticing things that you don't want to notice.  So you use force to keep things moving.
The more energy we expend to keep things going the further out from our centers we are.

When we're operating so far off from our real selves the faster and harder we have to work. The closer I move to the center of who I am, to love and acceptance, the less effort I have to expend and the more I'm going to enjoy the ride: I might actually notice that everything is taken care off without my doing and I can engage with other people without wanting something from them.  I can notice the sky, the trees.  The scary part is letting go.

Everything is illusion and you hold on to it because you think you need it to survive.

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