Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More than ready but still WAITING

I have outgrown my life.  After spending 3 days with my daughter and her friends I came back to a place that no longer fits.  I was always getting along with the neighbors, but that changed over night.  Is the universe kicking me out?  I don't mind, but when?

People I befriended have already left.  No one would miss me. This is a fork in the road and I can't even imagine what kind of life is awaiting.  I know I need a bigger life.

I don't have to search and seek for anything.  It will fall into my lap when I am completely ready.  Until then I will be cruising in the car with the stereo turned up to the tilt.  I need NOISE, moving sound to drown out this dead space, because something has got to move.

The lives of my children have also been rearranged.  My son is driving an 18 wheeler around the country.  He is moving without moving.  My daughter landed a very part-time job.  Both making just enough to get by and lots of free time on their hands.  We are all waiting.

This feels so done.  

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