Sunday, January 27, 2013

Non-dual Prayer - The Art of Spiritual Healing

Joel Goldsmith - The Art of Spiritual Healing

Go into No-thought.  Let go of what is wrong with the person.  Go into No-thought, just absolute presence for 2-3 minutes.

There is absolute perfection in the realm of the formless.  And that is the essence of the person who needs healing.  

Go into deep stillness where nothing is needed.  You take the form into the formless where the form is no longer.  There is no condition to be treated.  

Prayer is listening to God rather than talking to God.  Listening does not mean you are waiting for an answer, because than you are not really listening.  In listening you are not waiting for anything.  There is just a field of pure attention.  Not even wanting an answer, its enough to be in silence.  It is relaxed alertness.

I have a simplified version of this:  That which is observed changes.

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