Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Dark

My ex has been spreading vicious lies about me and people belief him.  Now I know why they have been behaving rudely towards me.
The dark does not like much the light, everything that is beyond its comprehension and control it basically hates as it knows the high vibes will force the dark to perish and change into high vibes.  Change freaks the hell out of them, so their behavior towards me becomes very dark.  My light puts the spotlight right on their dark hideaway.  It highlights their pain, makes it come out for healing.  They do not wish to face themselves, so they want me gone. 

My very presence upsets them.  I get blamed for so much.  Same with my dad, he would attack me relentlessly and asked me to leave.  I would never say anything, just be still, and yet, they would find problems.  That's why I have to be very careful, people will turn on me in an instant.  It's the light that I carry.  I finally get that.

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