Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Other Side

My son may not come back. (He's in a coma).  I have to include all possibilities.

His dad may or may not die at this time. (He had emergency surgery and is on the same floor as my son).

If my son dies his dad won't survive it.  If my son lives his dad will want to be in his life even more, thus keeping my son in the old energy which will be impossible because he will be upgraded to the new.

This morning I woke up in the future.  I was disoriented.  My ex was dead, the funeral had already happened.  Maybe this is a premonition.

One of them is going to die, or both, or none.  This shall be interesting.

The electronics aren't working, laptops, cellphone.  The truck is making a weird noise.  Physical breakdowns everywhere. 

I am cracking up.  The librarian wants to know who is barking and a guy said that it's his turrets. The guy next to me keeps barking and I can't stop laughing.  The universe is sending me a good laugh. 

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