Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Esoteric Coma

My dad died and my son is in a coma, traveling the corridors of the galaxies.

My ex-husband had emergency surgery and is on the same floor as my son.  He was going to help me move everything out of the house so that I can live closer to the hospital.  I don't have the rent money to keep this place going anyway and it takes almost 2 hours getting to the hospital.   But of course the universe has another plan.   Coming up here to the mountains, away from the city, a change in scenery.   This is my retreat.

My son needed to slow down.  The universe has its ways of making one stop.  He is visiting other worlds, and when he returns to his body he will be a different man. 

All his injuries are to his head.  The swelling in his brain has to come down before they can do the CT scan to find out what internal damage was done.  The scan was scheduled for yesterday, but the swelling hasn't come down.  It's my son's way of saying Leave me alone,  'Do Not Disturb'.

A coma is a soul principle.  His soul left the body which is only a shell without consciousness.  His soul went somewhere to contemplate his life, to decide whether to continue with this life or to go on to other experiences. 

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