Monday, November 19, 2012

The dumbed-down human

My ex asked me to hand over my son's iPhone and laptop.  At that moment I realized that technology is holding us back.  We all have that in us.  I have known that we have been dumbed down but was unaware to what extend.

Then I traveled at the speed of Machxi.  It was too much for my body and I had to curl up into a ball until it was over.  I broke through the barrier that is holding humanity back. 

I needed this upgrade because I am so much more.  I cannot live in this dumbed-down version of myself anymore and I yearn for my full expression. 

My life has become extremely easy because my mind can no longer terrorize me with 'what if' and needing to plan every detail.  I am not thinking anything through.  I just follow wherever my body leads me because my body is always in the present moment doing what it's supposed to be doing while the mind always overrides it until you become aware of the limitations of the mind and you will never again listen to the mind.  

The mind doesn't know the future. 

My son is starting to come out of the coma.  There is so much going on, yet, I hardly ever do anything except clearing the energies surrounding the events and then everything falls into place effortlessly.  Everything is born out of stillness.

Energy comes before matter.

I die before I die.  That's how I can deal with almost having lost my son.  I have been clearing the energetic imprints from my body so that I can breeze through everything that shows up.  There is nothing holding me back, no emotions, no believes,  no ancestral programming.  The process of clearing was the hardest I have ever had to do because in essence I had to feel everything on it's way out, every madness, every insanity, and there may be more to come.

We are taught to hold on.  We were forced to go outside before we even had a chance to go inside.  We have lost so much, and I have won it all back.

I took the truck in for inspection.  As I waited outside a man parked his car and asked me if he can park there.  His body took him to the perfect spot to be next in line, but he didn't notice it.  Always trust your body.

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