Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Matrix - The Master of Deception

People buy into the Matrix and keep it alive.  People look to leaders to solve problems.  It's a rigged system.  The abuser poses as the healer; the destroyer becomes the hero; the attacker the rescuer; the infiltrator the liberator; the terrorist the leader.

The false war on terror.  TV uses mind control.  The masculine and feminine are reduced to a program version with a distorted view of the opposite sex, distorted body image.

We are looking to the tools, to technology rather than ourselves.   Dark beings are behind the tools.  We are made of all that stuff.   

Dark beings also hold back technology.  Our homes and automobiles could be much more efficient.

I have done without technology, but since my son's accident it was made available, however, both laptops broke down, I lost the charger for the cellphone.  With all that technology people still can't reach me because they aren't supposed to.  Especially now I spend more time in nature to recharge myself.

Cellphones have taken people even further away from their inner voice.  I can see the dark forces smiling with glee as the gullible public is spinning out of control, going hysterical when technology breaks down.

Nothing is more powerful than our source energy.

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