Saturday, December 1, 2012

That which is observed changes

Ever since my son came out of the coma he has been recovering incredibly fast.  I can feel the energies rearranging themselves and when I see him there is always something new that has developed with him.  All I ever do is observe.  I don't meddle, I don't plan, I don't have an agenda, I stay neutral.

I slept in the truck for 11 nights and today I was given a free room at the hospitality house for the next 7 days.  Groups come to the hospitality house to cook for the residents.  The pantry and refrigerators are always stocked.  The air at the hospital is very dry and regular water does not quench my thirst.  There is a store nearby that sells alkaline water that keeps me hydrated.  I have joint pain off and on.   Again, I am observing it, not trying to do anything about it.  This too is in perfect order.

Everything is provided for.  All I do is step into that space.  Presence does not exert energy.  That's how I was able to deal with everything that happened during the month of November.  My dad died, my best friend died, my son was in an accident and almost died, his dad had 3 surgeries and would have died had he not already been at the hospital; and I had to pack up the house and move the stuff to a temporary place.   Never once did I have a 'to do' list.  I make sure I always breathe fully and relax into my body, never using my mind to figure things out.

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