Friday, December 21, 2012

Swirling Molecules

I am living in the truck, a.k.a. city camping.  This is the perfect place right now, a place between, where I am not being pulled into other people's illusions.  I watch the sun rise, listen to nature, watch birds soar, and the city beneath, a place to unwind and get ready for the next BIG thing.  I am being changed to allow something new.

Energy comes before matter.  The only preparation I ever need is at the level of energy.  When that is taken care of the physical will fall into place effortlessly.

When you are in the present moment it doesn't matter what your surroundings look like because you are not addicted to having things a certain way.  You simply know that everything is in perfect and divine order.

Always perceive that you have a choice and never make it, that's the present.

We are made up of swirling molecules.  An inflexible person puts their molecules together the same way they were the moment before because change is too much for them to handle.  Their band width is very small.  As the sample rate increases they are able to perceive more and be more alive.

Whenever the molecules swirl around it confuses the mind because the mind doesn't have any matter to hold on to.  That's when the mind freaks out.  To the mind reality looks like an out of control chaotic mess.  The ever endless swirling molecules are always being put together the way they are supposed to.

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