Sunday, December 9, 2012

You don't need money. You need sanity.

Contrasting energies are showing up.  For every high there is an equal low.  I have been experiencing some form of insanity every other day.  It's part of the awakening.  You will lose your mind.  What makes you insane also makes you sane.

You don't need money.  You need sanity, which exists in the present moment only. The mind has a story for why the present moment shouldn't be the way it is, why the present moment needs to be meddled with.

The ego doesn't see the perfect order of things.  The ego is the only requirement to destroy everything.  That's why advancements in medicine cannot be made.  The ego in a fully functioning body that never gets sick, old or weak would be disastrous.  Being feeble keeps the ego in check.

My friend died of impatience.  She didn't wait for what shows up naturally.  Instead of listening to her body she listened to her mind and had the bone marrow transplant because she wanted to go back to her former active life.  We can't go back to the patriarchal way of living.  It is not who we are.

In the new energy everything is free.  We don't need to work for things, nor be deserving or worthy of them.  We can't have any judgment about how things come into our life.  I have to accept what shows up and the way it shows up.  If there is shame in receiving handouts, it has to be transmuted.  We have to be neutral about everything.  The mind can't have any stories, it's all made up.

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