Friday, February 17, 2012

Extreme Makeover

There is only one word:  Ugly, ugly, disgustingly ugly.  Don't look for beauty at this stage

Inside the cocoon, enzymes dissolve most of the caterpillar into a soup of undifferentiated cells and then the butterfly grows out of the same DNA.

I am being dissolved, painfully dismantled, broken down into unidentifiable objects.  My life is a mess.  I have to remind myself that it is supposed to be this way.  I am inside the cocoon where things aren't pretty, a decaying caterpillar, not yet a butterfly.  Allowing it to take away everything I know and have been. 

Just keep enveloping my web around the body slowly in the dark cocoon, keep going deeper, undergoing an unknown transformation.  The fat, slow, unsightly caterpillar turning into a light, free butterfly.
Then the butterfly emerges, beginning its life by casting off a cocoon that enclosed its former self.

Not yet there, still inside the dark metamorphosis.

Extreme Makeover.  From the Caterpillar to the Butterfly

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