Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The mind and the matrix

Knowing the law of attraction I don't know how I ended up living in this dump.  It shows that the universe will not be manipulated, that I get what I need and not what I want; and that my mind is not a correct representation of what is needed in my life because my mind wants something else.  The universe never makes a mistake and me being here serves a purpose.   Everything that isn't me is being removed.  I am being repaired. 

The mind can't be used to make decisions because they are based on how to survive in the patriarchal world.  When you are whole you are in that world but not of it.  The laws of the Matrix do not apply to me.  Using my mind will keep me on a path that isn't me.  My thoughts will crush me.  You have to know that the Matrix is an illusion and that you can't belief what your mind is telling you.  Your mind will never let you leave the Matrix.  It will have you focused on the illusion that you are going to die, and die you will, but it will only appear that way because you will lose everything that isn't you.

The mind is a friend of the Matrix and will not betray its bosom buddy.  Since you don't know what's real it's easy to fall for its traps.   If you can't face yourself you will bury yourself in that world.  Buried alive - how does that feel?  You can't breathe, no one will dig you out, why should they?  They are buried in there with you.

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