Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Space Filler

In the world of illusion neediness is disguised as love.  I love you under certain conditions.  People get married not because they love each other but because the other person is the most qualified to fill the spaces with something they are familiar with.  However, that space is not meant to be filled.

99.99% is space and only .01% is matter. There is a reason for this.

Illusion can't exist in that space. In that space you lose everything, your identity, your possessions; you won't be possessed anymore.

People are petrified of that space and don't ever want to experience it because it means the end of the illusions they have built.  It means feeling death and terror which they can't handle.  They hurry along keeping busy so that they won't ever notice anything.

Like in the movie 'The Village', don't go beyond that fence.

When you listen to your mind life is difficult. When you listen to the universe life is complex, things are moving along faster than you can blink because your mind isn't stopping you.

No action should ever arise from the mind.

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