Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waking Up

Being able to live in the moment without a past, without a future, without an agenda.   And the mind will do what it does best, fill in the unknown with its own horror stories so that you will go back to the mind and make it your master again.

Planning takes you away from reality.  You put something there because you don’t trust that what shows up naturally is what you really need, is what gives you life.  Reality never makes you leave yourself.  Reality is always kinder than anything you could put there.  Reality carries itself.   When it requires maintenance it is illusion.  Stillness will support you.

The mind screams, 'give me something familiar.'  Soul says, 'you have already done that, lets do something new.'

Oh, why did I sign up for this?  Illusion wasn't so bad when I was asleep.  Why does waking up have to be so cruel?  Because it creates depth.  The upside can only be as high as the downside is low.

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