Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stolen Lives

Your mind has highjacked you.  We are trained to belief that the mind is the master and to take it seriously.  The mind is here for entertainment only and not to make life’s decisions.  Do you know how much abuse you are taking from your mind on a daily basis?  No one else is abusing you as much as you do. 

Probably the greatest fear is: ‘How will I survive if I don’t use my mind.’  This fear keeps the mind in the position of the master putting you right back into slavery.  But the ego won’t let you see this.  It claims: ‘The more you use your mind, the smarter you are.’  Intelligence does not come from the mind.  We were born intelligent and the mind makes you stupid, its that simple.  The mind robs you of everything, its a thief.

If your mind is in charge you will read this and think 'that woman is off the rocker.'  In a world that is still governed by the mind it will appear that way.

There was a time where people believed the world was flat and than they learned otherwise.  Columbus had to get the terrified sailors drunk to get them on his ships and sail beyond the horizon.  We are again at the brink of a horrendous paradigm shift, but people are terrified to let go of their minds. Just like the sailors they think they will surely die.

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