Friday, February 11, 2011

The truth about the mind

The mind is trained to make up problems and than solve them, keeping you forever stuck in your head.  When you walk down the stairs you cannot fix breakfast and when you are sitting at the table you cannot shop for groceries.  Yet, your body sits at the table but in your head you are doing the grocery shopping.  You are always thinking about what needs to be done.  Such waste of energy.

Stillness aligns me with what is supposed to show up, it is a creative force.  When we talk about what is going to happen we change the energy, make it more dense, which makes it extremely difficult to move this dense energy.  When we are still the energy is fluid and things happen in an instant. 

When we prepare we slow down the process and prepare for the wrong thing, for something the mind thinks needs to be prepared for. 

People are blindly turning their lives over to their minds.  You have no idea of the consequences.   This knowledge comes through awareness and experience.  Instead of listening to your mind observe your body.  The body is always in the present moment and knows what needs to be done.  The body is intelligent and the mind is retarded, insane, ridged.  Life is simple when the mind is not in charge. 

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