Saturday, February 19, 2011

People without bodies


When you are not in your body you are not at home.  You are nowhere to be found. 

You allow your mind to abuse your body by forcing it to do things.   Let your body move your body and life will be gentle.   You will always be where you need to be and have what you need.  Your body always knows what needs to be taken care off and your mind often overrides it.    Your home is your body.  When your mind is in control you are beating the living daylights out of your existence.

Notice your body.  Is it relaxed?  How is your breathing?  Do you hold your breath?  When you relax your body you turn control over to your body.

Letting your body make decisions is scary because you have to come out of hiding.  I never know what I am going to do until I do it.  That way I am always present in this moment and not planning the future moment.

I never have a To-Do list.  I got married that way and divorced, I recently moved that way, everything ran smoothly because people are always where they are supposed to be, doing exactly what they are supposed to do to support me.

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