Saturday, March 8, 2014

The illusion of Money

Just yesterday I needed massive rest, and this morning it flipped.  My new life walked in, and its over my head.  How the fuck am I supposed to live it without the finances.  I don't even have enough to walk out the front door.

This is a hologram, and nothing is real.  The money is provided for every experience I am having. So, whatever awaits on the horizon will also bring in the money for it.

The opposite of everything is true.  There is no objective, independent reality "out there" and the experience I am processing isn't real.  Letting go of judgments, beliefs, opinions and fears; withdrawing, disconnecting, or switching off any power assigned to a person, place or thing within the hologram; that is my process.  That's why I have to leave my comfort zone to bust all these illusions.  That I need to earn money is the biggest illusion.

That's enough to pee in your pants.  I am going out into the world empty handed.  When you are ready things start moving very quickly.

The hardest part is to leave my kids.  They are 21 and 23, and they take care of themselves.  Still, its a lot to ask.  I have to do a bunch of releasing on that one.  That's the part I am not ready for.  And this too isn't real, but I give it so much power. 

All the things people are attached to, their photo albums, their memories, their friends, places, jobs, identities, things.  All of these are illusions.  We are inside a hologram.  Nothing is real.  It's just a wave until observed and than it turns into a particle.  Behind me nothing exists.  To my right nothing exists.  To my left nothing exists until I look at it.

There is a chapter on money in Butterflies are free to fly - Money.

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