Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coming out of the darkness

This is the third day of me feeling really good.  In recent weeks I felt great for only a moment and than went back into the never-ending darkness.  Maybe I am done transmuting old energies.  There has to be an end to this.

This morning I woke up being told:  Only do what you really enjoy.

My body will react immediately with pain when I try to do something I should not be doing because my patterns want to override my body's wisdom.

I was thinking of picking up the trash that's been blown around the yard.  The very moment I had that thought I felt a sharp pain in my right foot and had to wait for it to stop.

That trash is none of my business, but my patterned mind will make everything my business.  Whatever I look at, my mind will make up a story and go off spinning out illusion at mammoth proportion.

I may still pick up some trash, but it won't be pre-meditated.  I will just observe my body picking something up.

I have to let the world turn without my help.

According to quantum physics, everything is a wave until observed.  Nothing exists until I look at it.  I was looking at the daffodils in the snow from my upstairs apartment, but I couldn't fully enjoy them because I remembered the trash in the yard, even so I didn't see it.

This looks like a trivial thing, but it isn't.  Carrying all these things in the mind is baggage.  People respond to the reality they hold in their heads, not what's really going on.  There is no out there out there.  Light doesn't even carry a speck of dust.  Yet humans carry everything, shopping lists, to do lists, what they want to do next, what they have done years ago, it's a huge, huge list of the mind being filled with things that exist in the mind only.  My body will take me to wherever I need to go to get whatever I need to get.  It has never failed me.  That's why I can always be at rest.

I can only do what I do, anything else is a figment of the mind.  I was looking at an almost empty bottle of water and thought that I need to buy some more.  Already my patterned mind had an agenda.  I couldn't just look at that bottle, my mind had to make up a story.  I will either buy more water or I won't.

Stimulus is everywhere, its a hook for the mind.

I have conquered the big things, like survival fear.  Now I am becoming aware of the little things that fill my mind unnecessarily.

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