Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When the mind is in charge

What your life looks like when your mind is in charge

If you bring something into this moment that doesn’t belong there it’s earth shattering, it’s like an earthquake.  If the flapping of the wings of the butterfly changes the weather patterns all the way across the continent in another country how much more shattering are the useless conversations people engage in?  Life is ok until people open their mouths.  People really think they are smart when they try to solve problems.  The mind makes up problems, that’s the only thing the mind is good at.  When I have an agenda for this moment my life looks like the desert; there is no abundance nor beauty because the mind sees only lack and ugliness.   

A still mind is the greatest beauty there is because then you can see the beauty and abundance that’s everywhere and the perfection that’s in everything.  The outside is the reflection of the inside.  What you focus on gets strengthened.  Stillness has no problems.  Before I interact with the world I sit in stillness until all the ripples have dissipated and have no effect on me, so that the ripples of the world can’t create havoc in my life.

When the mind is still there is only beauty and abundance

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