Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being tricked

Daniel Adel

People resist change but change is all there is. The universe plants experiences to trick our minds and to subconsciously deprogram us.  Our minds can't comprehend what's happening and need time to adjust.  That's why there is so much downtime where nothing is happening.  We are on overload, not knowing what's going on, not being able to predict anything.

Relationships are based on the patriarchal mind which is materialistic and identifies with form.  Compassion comes with awareness which the mind has none.  People feel loved when they have lots of material things, when they get presents.  People depend on outward gestures for their validity.  Experiencing nothingness is way too frightening, there is no ambition, no drive, no excitement in nothingness.  To go from the materialistic society to a nothing society is a huge step.

The deeper looking within is not pleasant to endure.

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