Tuesday, July 17, 2012


'Wanderer Awake' by Andrew Jones

The universe wants me to relax deeper into my body.  This request can only be made when you feel safe.

Society doesn't give us permission to relax.  We are always supposed to do something, make a difference.  My body is the gauge with which I measure how much I still want to be in control.  If I cannot completely relax then I know that there is fear and other blocks.  I am to move through life effortlessly.  Discomfort implies tension.

I have entered the state of profound vastness where there is No-Mind.  I am most powerful when my actions come from a place of stillness and nothingness rather than from my mind.  

My mind doesn't want to relax, it wants to escape into the future.  It doesn't want to feel the organic death and rebirth process of the universe.  The universe blinks off and on zillions of times every moment being brand new.  Get used to dying zillions of times with the universe.  You can't escape it.

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