Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your mind is using you

The density of your thinking not only slows you down but has you living in a frozen world that exists in your mind only.  You attend to each thought as if it's real when in fact it's all illusion.  When the density of your mind lightens up you will notice the flexibility of life.

Flexibility is a blessing and a curse.  Things speed up energetically while slowing down physically.  You always have to wait for what shows up naturally instead of acting on it with your patterned responses.  No patterns allowed.     

In each moment the universe is always right.  The divine doesn't ask us for our opinion nor do we have free will.   Only the personality needs the illusion of free will and choice.  No one is getting out of this alive.  Our personalities are dying.  Not understanding this makes this transition especially difficult. 

People hang on to their false identifications and you can't tell them that this isn't who they really are.   Setting humanity free is an almost impossible job.  People live in their own captivity, yet their minds won't let them see this.  Everything they know and do is to keep the personality alive.

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