Sunday, March 25, 2012

The universe loves speed

I thought the equinox would bring relief.  It didn't.   Everything is more chaotic, things happen quicker.

Last Monday we got another car.  Just as quickly as it came into our lives it was taken away after only 6  days.  Yesterday my son drove it to see his grandparents.  It broke down, something with the transmission.  It took 9 hours to get it back here.  I don't think it will get fixed.  The car served it's purpose, we no longer need it.   Something else will show up.

Things come and go so fast because I am now able to live at that speed.  I needed a car, it appeared,  now it's gone, apparently I don't need a car right now.  I think it's because I have to chill at home to get ready energetically for the move to wherever.

In the past 3 months people have moved in and out, some paying rent, others staying for free.  We now have 2 young guys and a dog staying with us.  Each one has their unique energetic imprints and I always have to adapt to them because they can't adapt to me.  They are frozen like the rest of the patriarchal mind population who can only perceive their little world that they were forced to create.  When I have gotten what I need they move out instantaneously without much ado and someone else takes their place.  The universe loves speed.

My capacity for life has increased through emotional releases of everything that is not my true Self.  It has and still is the cruelest journey of all.  Releasing fears, terror, insanity and limitations is as bad as it gets, but it also makes me a very strong person.  I would not be able to live like this if it weren't so.  I constantly have to adapt.

Sometimes I feel sick because of so much happening.  I get just enough time to stabilize before the next thing shows up and I never know what that might be, it's always a surprise.   This moment prepares me for the next.

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