Saturday, March 17, 2012

Uncomfortable magic

Doing nothing is better than doing something.  Doing something requires undoing.  I do nothing and accomplish everything.

Living in the present moment takes nerves of steel.  You can't add anything to it.  If you add more or the wrong items to a recipe it will taste horrible.  And so it is with life, if you add something it will be horrible.

Life is changing to give us what we need and not what we want.  What we need is always the super perfect expression of freedom from the patriarchal mind. 

Energetically I am no longer here.  We are moving out by May 17th.  Where we are going I don't know.  My son thinks that he is going to move in with a friend.

The universe knows that we are ready for this move.  My mind says this is way over my head.  From experience I know that the next place will be magical as was this one even so I didn't see it in the beginning.  I thought this was the worst place on earth.  I am grateful for all the experiences we had here and the great care and love with which they were delivered.

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