Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Agenda

Our yard looks like a redneck's paradise.  My son collects a lot of stuff and it's all over the place.   The landlord wants it cleaned up.   Good luck with that one.   I am not telling my son what to do, we don't have those kinds of conversations.  

The landlord has a problem with the yard, he wants it to look differently.  His insanity is none of my concern.   I can't force my body to clean it up.   Even picking up an empty beer can from the ground is too heavy when it's not meant to be.  In the world of illusion this seems insane, but in reality this is the sanest thing there is.  

In the world of illusion people force their bodies to get things done.  All force is ignorance.  When the mind tries to override the body's wisdom the body will make you sick or find other ways to stop you.  That's why there are so many diseases, it's the result of insanity.

I don't have an agenda.  Life arises out of stillness and not out of an agenda.  Whatever I do, I do without my mind.  Things don't get done when the mind decides it.  Things get done when the body decides it.

My son is doing what he is supposed to, filling up the yard with more stuff.  I could talk to him about cleaning it up until I am blue in the face, it wouldn't work, he cannot not do what he is doing.

Reality is:  The yard looks the way it does.  I can't change that.  All force is ignorance.  I have to accept 'what is'. 

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