Sunday, March 4, 2012

Natural Consequences

I am in my body which doesn't grant giving in to people's insane expectations of what should be.  

There is only one upset, the loss of the present.  

People are never present thus always upset.  You can tell by movies and TV shows.  The way people relate to each other is through drama.  That's the model we are given.  There are few sane people on this planet.

When you are sane you are like a rag doll, always breathing, never holding your breath, always in your body, never letting anyone pull you out of your body.  

Take everything deep into your body, resist nothing.  The body is always in the present moment, the mind never is.

Therefore I allow the universe to take care of the people I upset, that's called Natural Consequences.  I pay attention to what I am supposed to do and leave the rest up to the universe.  What others want is none of my concern.  I am Self-ish instead of selfish.  Now that's a paradox.

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